Several Egyptian coffins, which dates back to thousands of years found intact

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an interesting collection of “intact and sealed” fossil coffins with intact mummies of thousands of years before present. It is actually the first large human-containing coffin found since the last ~100 years.

Source: News


  1. Fantastic but I don’t think they should be moved, or opened. It’s really desecrating their graves, don’t you think? I don’t want someone doing that to people I knew. They won’t allow Native Americans to be dug up and studied. Finally. I mean their distant relatives were upset by what the scientists were doing. I think it’s a wonderful discovery but some respect should be shown. They care more about the pyramid than they do the people they unearth. Things always seem to matter more than living beings, animals, people the enviornment. I don’t know. Just what I think.


    • Yeah, it’s wrong to dig peoples grave, but I think it’s okay if you take samples and return the rest back to where found, because it’s only through these studies we are able study our past, especially the native people’s past in every continent. For example, in Australia, if you find such as an archaeologist you have return it to the indigenous people and after your study, because the indigenous people are also interested in studying their past especially before the European colonization.


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