Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Shaft’ review- Not a good film for children and teens

‘Shaft’ is a 2019 new crime action film starred by Samuel L. Jackson. The movie centres on a father named Shaft (Jackson) a retired FBI who was separated from his family due to a gunfire attack, which scared his wife. The wife left and took their baby (Junior Shaft) along. Junior grew up and became an FBI agent, and approached his estranged dad to help unravel the murder of his best friend hence, the father-son adventure began.

‘Shaft’ is a very good movie with a great crime-action story similar to ‘Sleepless’ which was starred by Jamie Fox. ‘Shaft’ is packed with action and hilarious moments, especially towards the end of the movie when Shaft’s old dad also joined in the shooting game. The negative part of the movie is that so many dirty words were used so many times in the movie, especially the word ‘pus**’ and ‘motherfuc***’, which makes the movie ideal for only adults, I mean real adults. The movie has a high tendency of having a negative impact on children and teens, giving the way Shaft related with his son (Junior) in the movie, such as encouraging Junior to club and have sex with club girls. But, I will recommend ‘Shaft’ for adults to watch and enjoy. The movie is now also available on Netflix.

Movie score (adults): 10/10

Movie score (children): 0/10

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