‘Psychokinesis’ movie review

‘Psychokinesis’ is an Asian fantasy action film, which centres on an estranged father (Suk-hun) who did all in his best to save his daughter and her loved ones, using his overnight acquired extra-terrestrial abilities. A group of corrupt politicians united with a construction company to demolish Suk-hun’s ex wife and daughter’s restaurant and other restaurants to build apartments, this led to the death of his ex wife and war broke out between the restaurant owners and the corrupt government. The helpless restaurant owners and daughter’s last hope is Suk-hun, and it became a one to hundreds war.

‘Psychokinesis’ is also packed with some hilarious scenes, which makes the film even more interesting. Personally, I like the film plot, and if you like ‘Kungfu Hustle’ film you will definitely like ‘Psychokinesis’ too. Although, the film could have been more interesting if more was done on the romance between Suk-han’s daughter and the lawyer, who was crushing on her. Also, when Suk-Han began to fly like Superman was a bit awkward, I feel the film editor could have done a bit better to not make it look fake or like an Indian film effect. Overall, ‘Psychokinesis’ is a good movie, which I will recommend you watch.

Movie score: 7/10

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