Courtney Stodden speaks out on her wide age-gap marriage

In 2016, Courtney Stodden who was just a 16-year old young girl got married to actor Doug Hutchison, a 51 year old man old enough to be her father, which drew a whole lots of attention. Let’s do the maths, 51-16 = 35, that’s a lot! Could it truly be love or lust or they were confused? Anyways, Stodden has recently spoken with Fox News. Let see what she has, by the way they are getting a divorce.

Even though I am still going through this divorce with Doug, it’s almost finished. That entire process just ripped my soul out. And his too. We still have a lot of love for each other. He’s been there for me and really wanting to help further my dreams, which is to get my album off the ground. That’s really my goal now. My inspiration is music. And I think that I am in a better position right now because I’m able to express my depression and express myself through music. I feel that’s really what I was born to do.

 I finally realised I had this relationship with depression in 2016. Doug and I lived out in Palm Springs for a year. We needed to get out of Hollywood. So we rented a house out there for a year. And I think it was the first time that I had enough space without the cameras, without distractions to just meditate out there. But I just started feeling really sad. Like, really, really awful.

I was drinking a lot. I just realised I was so depressed. I realised that out there in Palm Springs living with Doug for a year. I think it’s important for people to realise that they need time for themselves and try to sit in stillness. I think that’s what I really needed to do — listen to myself … Mental health has such a stigma. I was afraid to come out and say I struggled with depression because of that stigma. But I want to try and be a woman of strength. I want to come out and talk about my depression and not worry about the scrutiny of the media or other people.

Concerning her relationship with Doug Hutchison currently

It’s confusing *laughs*. We both really love each other. We still talk. I mean, we just talked today. We never wanted this divorce. It’s never something that we both wanted. But we realised the unconventionalness of our marriage. We both are taking responsibility in that, especially him. He’s taking responsibility for marrying me at such a young age. He and I agreed on this divorce. We’ll see what happens in the future. We’re both trying to get through this the best we can in the most loving way possible.

We’re definitely getting a divorce. It probably should be finished within the next two months or something like that. We’re not fighting over anything. The reason why it’s taking so long is that I was filling it out incorrectly. This is my first divorce so I was filling out the paperwork all wrong for two years. But he doesn’t want to fill out the paperwork himself *laughs*. But yeah, the divorce is happening. We just don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.

Being bullied by a large population of human beings was really difficult for me to live through that. I think I’ve kind of numb myself in ways. Because it is a lot to digest. And not only that, I was having a lot of family issues. My parents fell apart in their marriage. My mom and I were having issues. Now my dad and I aren’t speaking. It’s been a lot … My life mirrors Marilyn Monroe in many ways. That’s part of the reason why I dyed my hair brown. I needed a break from the blonde. And I don’t want to end up like her in the way that unfortunately she ended up.

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