Seems Kourtney Kardashian has stepped on Kendall Jenner’s toes

Kourtney Kardashian probably will have to be sorry for what she said to upset Kendall Jenner, which she said Kourtney kinda embarrassed her before her ‘cool’ to make herself ‘feel higher.’

In the recent preview of June 16 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The Kardashian asked Kendall Jenner: “was your…where did you go, Mammoth?”

Kendall Jenner said:

“it was kind of a lot for me. A lot of the trip, people were picking on me, and by ‘people,’ I mean Kourtney most of the time. And whether she thought she was joking, I didn’t really think it was a joke.”

Kendall added:

“You know, Kourtney and I have been getting a bit closer over the past couple of years, and I love that she hangs out with me and my friends, but, to be honest, I felt like there were just some moments when she was just rude, and it really started to get to me at a certain point.” trying to be cool in front of [her] friends and like, younger people that are cool at my expense.”

Source: Hollywood life

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