Royal fans dissatisfied with Meghan standing in the corner of the family trooping balcony photo

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, recently just appeared publicly, following the birth of baby Archie,in the traditional balcony photos.

However, fans were disappointed because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stood at the back of the crowd, which I see nothing wrong with. I think fans should sometime learn to mind their business, how is stand in particular position a big deal again? So many circumstance could have been around that and they could also choose to stay in the background. That’s why it’s a trooping photo meaning everyone troops in to show their faces. See some fans comments below.

“Are we really not getting good shots of Meghan and Harry on the balcony? Shame,” 

Me: well, shame on you for not minding your business.

“I’m sure there’s some order of ranking as to why Harry and Meg are stowed away in the corner,”

Me: How is that your business?

Source: The Sun

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