Netflix’s ‘ We are Legends’ review

‘We are Legends’ is a Netflix Asian kick-boxing sport film, based on a true life story of two brothers who were adopted by a former kick boxer who is now old. They were raised in a poor home and the older brother grew into a professional kick boxer under the mentorship of his foster dad and big sister, while the younger grew into a street kick boxer away from home. The brother became an amateur kick boxing 🥊 champion with 49 wins and no losses, however he met his defeat when he underestimated a one-beaten before opponent who knocked him out in 30 sec. The younger brother decided to avenge his brother’s defeat by taking up the challenge, using some of his street fighting techniques and with some mentorship from his brother and kick boxers in their gym. This worked and eventually beat his big brother’s opponent in a match.

In general, I enjoyed ‘We are Legends’ movie and the fights are okay, although the actors fight isn’t excellent, as some of their moves were slow and not epic. However, the storyline is fantastic and few lessons can be gotten from the movie, which can be useful to people in fighting sports, that you do not fight to avenge your defeat and being defeated is normal and not the end.

On the other hand, I think twisting the movie plot to allow the two brothers face-off in a real match could have also been a good idea to spice up the movie. Although this occurred in the movie but wasn’t intense enough. Also, the younger brother fought so well on the street with good moves, and suddenly all his moves disappeared when he faced his brother in a friendly match and also when he faced his brother’s opponent. The first scene of the movie portrayed him to be a good street fighter but on the long run the movie didn’t portray him as a good fighter, which is a bit confusing and annoying.

Movie score: 7/10

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