Netflix ‘I Am Mother’ review- very dull movie

After watching the new two cast Netflix sci-fi film ‘I Am Mother’, I think it’s just a waste of my time. I AM MOTHER is about a female intelligent robot who wiped out mankind in order to creat “her” own version of mankind who is to be more intelligent than the initial. The robot (mother) raised a female human from her tons of embryo bank, and she (robot) said it was perfect, after aborting (killing) other embryos, which didn’t turn out perfect as she wanted. The female human raised by the robot later rebelled after meeting another human and asked her robot mother to allow her raise the other embryos herself.

My take on the movie: the movie was slow, lacks action, and induces sleep. The introduction/opening scene of the movie was poor and it was difficult to understand what was going on in the movie. The movie plot is ambiguous and I think it could have been better if some kind of war was integrated in the movie, and the robot could have played a better interesting role of a mother by protecting the female human she raised. Overall, I recommend you watch I AM MOTHER if you need to get sleep as the movie will help induce sleep. One thing I like in the movie is the lullaby that was sung in the movie’s last scene, it was really a nice acapella.

Movie score: 4.5/10

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