Kylie Jenner Shared video of ‘a day in life’ made people feel they are broke

So, the famous American media personalty Kylie Jenner has recently shared a video on her vlog, sharing what a day in her life is like. In the video Jenner shows her home (in and out), and her work. Indeed it’s a very cool video, but after reading several comments on the video, it’s obvious that many fans commenting feel intimidated and less of themselves due to the luxurious life Jenner has shared. Many of the comments show that people are intimidated by her closet, garage, the fact that it appears that she has it all, and some even concluded they are actually poor.

I think celebrities should slow down a bit and take time to examine and analyse people’s reactions to their posts. In as much as they are trying to entertain their fans, which is good, they should also consider what negative impact their post may be having on others. Many people have become depressed and destroyed based on what they see online and some have made stupid decisions to make money because of what they see online, not knowing that a huge percentage of what they see is not real and that a rich celebrity doesn’t mean a happy celebrity or doesn’t mean they have a perfect life.

Here’re some the comments made by her fans:

” I feel like I watched the most expensive video in my entire life-time.

Press the like button if ur part of the broke gang

Kylie: ” I think i’m gonna take this guy today” sits in a Rolls Royce Me: “i’m gonna take this guy today” takes the bus insted of subway 😂

Even Stormi has her own car, and her bedroom in the office building I’m broke-😂

Kylie: I have earrings to match my buttons Me: I can’t even find a pair of matching socks 🧦”

Watch Kylie Jenner video below:

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