‘Furie’ 2019 review- A nice kickass movie

The 2019 action movie ‘Furie’ is based on a young single mother who lost her only little girl to a gang of notorious kidnappers who sell children body parts. Unfortunately gang kidnapped the wrong child this time around, as the young mother was previously a street gangster and skillful at martial art. She fought her way through helplessly, breaking lots of bones and freed her daughter and other children in captive. She’s a Wonder Woman.

Furie is one of the nicest movie I’ve seen so far in 2019, filled with a lot action and adventure. If you have watched and liked ‘Hungkbak’ or ‘Atomic Blonde’then you will definitely love this movie. The fight scenes are terrific and entertaining, no dulling moments in the movie. If you are a action movie fan, then I highly recommend you watch this movie and thank me later.

Movie score: 10/10

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