“My Reunion” Review: A simple, classic, and weird movie

My Reunion is simple, classy, and weird Yoruba Nollywood movie. It is weird because  the story arc turned out unexpected, which is makes it interesting. Most Nollywood movie conclusion can be predicted from the  beginning, but My reunion was one of the exceptions Just like Fadaka 3. Although, there was a new face in the movie (a dark guy/man), who appears to have a zero characteristics of an actor, but his role was just for few seconds, so it’s negligible.

My Reunion follows the an angry heart-shattered lady (Jumoke Odetola), who is desperate and tasty for revenge after her ex-lover crushed her dreams and newly built home, as a result of her ex’s selfish act and carelessness. She then arranged a reunion party in order to wipe out the family of her so-called ex lover, it was brutal. The movie also portrays the true life of some people we see on social media, and how we tend to think they are doing better than us, which is not true. The main take home message of My Reunion is that, never smell what you won’t eat i.e. never promise a woman heaven and earth, and then breakup with her, the end is always disastrous.

Movie Score: 9/10

Watch My Reunion Yoruba full movie below.

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