‘Den of Thieves’ Movie Review: Great movie but not suitable for kids

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Den of Thieves is stared by Nick O’Brien (Gerard Butler), a hard-drinking leader of an elite unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Ray Merrimen is the recently paroled leader of the Outlaws, a gang of ex-military men who use their expertise and tactical skills to evade the law (robbery). O’Brien, Merrimen and their crews, which include 50 Cent soon find themselves on a direct collision course as the criminals hatch an elaborate plan to commit a high risk level crime by rubbing the city’s Federal Reserve Bank.

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In general Den of Thieves is packed with a lot of action and some high intelligent tactics of rubbery, however, i expected more rubbery to be involved in the movie based on the movie title. I expected different gangs of thieves to clash and cause chaos in the city, although, the concept of one major epic robbery in the movie is not a bad either and it was really interesting. The movie displayed several shootings, deadly guns with crazy rounds, which makes the movie unsuitable for kids. Of course the most interesting aspect of the movie is the mid-end of the movie, where the major robbery took place in the Federal Bank Reserve, it was a clean rubbery. The movie run-time is also impressive, over 2 hrs.

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Despite how interesting  Den of Thieves is, i think the movie is incomplete, such that we do not know what eventually happened to Butler’s family if they later reunited or not. The movie concept is somewhat similar to Sleepless, which stared Jamie Foxx, and his personal life was included in the closing scene. He had issues with his marriage too but we eventually know the modus operandi. Also, how the driver of the gang took all the stolen money from the gang’s car trunk in the midst of gun fires was not clear enough, including his relationship with the other guys at the bar in the closing scene. However, overall, it’s a great movie you’ll enjoy and you should probably watch Sleepless too, you’ll enjoy it more.

Score: 9/10

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