Chris Hemsworth ‘Thor’: ‘I can’t understand my Spanish wife when she’s angry’

Chris Hemsworth shows regrets not learning Spanish when he was younger, as now he can’t understand his wife when she’s angry with him. The Avengers: Infinity War and Thor star is married to Spanish model and actress Elsa Pataky, who admits she gets angry in her native language , which actually throws Hemsworth off balance.

In an interview in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hemsworth said he is the only one in his family who isn’t bilingual and even their three kids, IndiaTristan and Sasha, are all fluent in Spanish and English.

“I sort of pretend to (understand),” he smiled. “My wife will be telling them off and I’ll be standing there like, ‘That’s right… What does that mean?’

“When I hear the Spanish directed at me, it’s usually unfortunate, controversial, aggressive situations, so I’m just thinking, ‘What is she saying right now?’ and ‘What’s my comeback to this?’

“When we’re fighting, basically, which is never, if she gets angry enough she’ll drop the English facade.”

Source: Hollywood

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