‘Black Panther’ Review: Far Better Than Justice League

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The Black Panther movie i must say is far better than Justice League, the stunts and fights are so interesting, especially the female warriors. Danai Gurira was really epic in the movie, her fight was really on point. Chadwick Boseman really suffered in the hands of Michael B. Jordan- Killmonger, as Jordan’s fight  was quit brutal, but  T’challa was to soft his fight. I must say Black Panther movie has one  of the best superhero costume i’ve ever seen, the  Black Panther suit was really cool. The concept of Vibranium technology in the movie was also interesting in terms of the what the technology can do, the virtual car and aircraft look really cool.

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All of the scenes in the movie was interesting and i wish the movie run-time was longer, it was about 2 hours, but is still feel it’s short. The movie sound track and location were cool as well. The most interesting scenes are when Black Panther and the female went after Klause in Korea and of course the ending saga was epic, as T’challa took back the throne from Killmonger.

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However, in as much as the movie is trying to represent black, the American actors in the movie do not have the natural black ascent, it is obvious they had to learn the ascent and forcefully speak it. Black Panther is a good movies, but only a typical black African can tell and act the true story of Africa. There’s a huge difference between black African and black American. Nevertheless, the black Africans in the movie gave the movie the original feel of black.  Overall, the movie is recommended for watch.

Score: 10/10


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