Health Tips: Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleaching & Toning Creams

A lot of individuals today, especially ladies think changing skin colour would make them look better and accepted. The truth remains neither bleaching or toning is beneficial, bleaching and toning is deleterious, precarious and inimical to human’s health and the effect is irreversible. Bleaching can result into nervous disorder and toxicity. Application of mercury containing cream to the skin makes you prone to absorbing mercury molecules, spreading to people around you, and can also negatively affect the foetus of a pregnant woman.

Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that causes biomagnification, and long term usage can displace normal elements in the body system such as iron, resulting into abnormal chemical reaction in the system, nervous disorder and genetic disorder. The genetic disorder results into birthing a baby with blindness and phocomelia. Most bleaching creams contain mercury as background ingredients. It was once reported in Texas, the case of a whole family being infected with mercury toxicity as a result of one person who used a mercury containing cream in the house.

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Bleaching can lead to kidney and liver problem, diarrhoea and also, bleaching exposes the body to diseases and infections, as the skin becomes porous and impermeable I.e. everything goes in to the skin without being filtered. This is because the uppermost part of the epidermis have been destroyed, and the skin being the largest organ of the body is prone to having various types of airborne infections. Bleaching also causes vitilligo, which makes the sun scorch the skin, leading to unpleasant body odour. Hydroquinone and benoquin is another bad organic compound belonging to the esther organic group which disrupts metabolism in the body system. Watch the cream you use today and stay healthy. 

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