Black Panther Major Spoiler!: Two Post-credit Scenes Revealed

Following the review embargo lifted, Black Panther‘s post-credits scenes have been revealed, which appears to be a major spoiler. Here’s the post credit scene below according to Comicbookmovie

After-Credits Scene #1

The first scene serves as an epilogue of sorts for Black Panther as T’Challa arrives at the UN and makes it clear to the world that Wakanda is going to come out of hiding and finally start sharing its advanced technology with the world. Why? Well, the King simply wants to make the Earth a better place!

That’s pretty much it but it could be a sign we’re about to get a Marvel Cinematic Universe which is more fantastical in nature, especially considering the fact Wakanda looks almost alien. So, while this might not be overly exciting, you’ll be very glad to know that the second scene is a bigger tease…

After-Credits Scene #2

Here’s where Avengers: Infinity War comes into play. In a small Wakandan village, the camera pans to a hut where a group of kids are playing before Shuri appears and tells them to leave the man inside alone. They run out and it’s then that we learn T’Challa’s sister has come to visit a now awake Bucky.

Walking out of the hut, we see he only has one arm before Shuri asks how he is and he explains he’s feeling much better now (as she’s helped remove HYDRA’s programming). She then says there’s a lot more to learn – a reference to Thanos’ arrival, perhaps? – and the two then walk into the distance.

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