‘Justice League’ Review: Just an Okay Movie, Not Super-Interesting, What do you think?

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Finally, I just watch Justice League thoroughly, and I feel there’s a lot missing in the film and the film’s run time is too short. The story arc and source of Aquaman was not really interesting, and the source of Cyborg and Flash was vague. Victor turning into a Cyborg after an explosion concept is too weak for a modern day superhero film. Barry turning into Flash after being struck by lightning sounds like cartoon, there should be more to these characters. Perhaps, there is need for more solo movies for Flash and Cyborg, in order to establish their origin clearly.

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Superman, Batman and Wonder woman’s story arc was easy to relate with due to the fact that their origins have been clearly established in their solos, of course Superman and Batman already established their origin decades ago. This new Justice League movie shows clearly that Batman is the weakest of them all, followed by Aquaman, Barry Allen, Cyborg, Wonder woman and Superman is the strongest of them.

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Another vague aspect of Justice League movie is the story arc of Stephen Wolf and the mother boxes. The mother boxes were said to be his origin, and he was sent to exile due to some unclear reasons, and when he joined the boxes together, nothing happened to his power, I thought he will probably become Kronox, but I was just seeing some weird unexplainable ghost roots emerging from the earth (vague and uninteresting concept).

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Also, when the league separated the boxes and destroyed his axe, his bugs attacked him and took him away, that was annoying and unclear, why was he released from exile without the boxes in the first place? Stephen Wolf is one of the most annoying villain I’ve seen so far in movies. Over all Justice League it’s just an okay movie, not super great, and I think the movie was over-hyped and the director really did not do an excellent job, it seems the film was rushed. This is likely due to the sudden change in the film’s director during the making.

Score: 7/10


  1. Great review and I agree! I think they tried their best to introduce new characters to the team while also making an interesting and fast-paced story, however they failed in making the plot immersive. I do think the characters in the movie are all solid and interesting each in their own way.

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