Health Tips: How to Detoxify Your Body System Naturally

Citrus limon

Nowadays most people find it difficult to eat right nor follow a particular healthy pattern of eating due to the fact that many can only afford to eat when food is available and not when they desire and some just do not care about their mode of feeding due to lack of self control and discipline. This is coupled with the fact that most people love junks and other eye pleasing but body destroying foods. This has resulted into people having funny shapes such as, drum-shaped belly, fatty buttocks, armpit breasts, etc., due to excess toxic substances in the system, and excess fats in the adipose tissues. Here are two simple ways to detoxify your system (especially at the early stage) without using anti-oxidant teas.

Ziniber officinale
  1. Get a lemon fruit (Citrus limon) and ginger (Ziniber officinale), cut into pieces and soak in warm water in an opaque cup (not a transparent cup or glass cup) or in a flask for 30 minutes. Take a full cup every two days in the morning or anytime you feel like detoxifying.
  2. The other method is by getting a very substantial large amount cloves of garlic (Allium sativum), remove the pills and soak in ordinary water in a container for one week. Drink a full glass cup from this container every morning.

Related image

Note: exercising your body at least once in a week (maybe by walking distance) and drinking plenty of water (especially every morning) also goes a long way in helping to remove excess fats from the adipose tissues. Combining these and one of the above methods will also keep you healthy for a long time without falling sick.

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