Health Tips: A Simple Way To Get Rid of Mouth Odour

Majority of people battle with mouth odor one way or the other, several young lads and gents especially have this so called problem when they talk in public. This has also become serious problems in relationships, that many people can’t stand. This can however, be from birth or as a result of improper care of the mouth and body generally. Why don’t you try these few steps to cleanse your mouth and make it odor free naturally.

The plant Vernonia amygdalina popularly known as bitter leaf in addition to garlic ‘Allium sertivum’ can be use to correct this common problem. Get leaves of bitter leaf, macerate or squeeze to get the liquid extract. Get cloves of garlic too, macerate with little water, add to the bitter leaf extract and mix. Use this mixture to wash your mouth by Goggling for about 10 minutes before brushing every morning for 2 months.

Vernonia amygdalina (Bitter leaf)

Note:  Make sure you brush twice every day (morning and night:after meal) with a quality tooth brush and good tooth paste. Also, avoid chewing candies, chocolates and gum.


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