How Sex Improves Your Thinking Faculty & Productivity (do not read if less than 22, adult only!)

Note before you proceed reading: Do not read if less than 22 years, only meant for adults!

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During sex, some hormones are being released, which boost human’s thinking faculty and creativity, and the hormones include ceratonin and endophinCeratonin  release  improves creativity imbalance such that, you feel brand new, you tend to see old/pre-sex sights in new perspectives, and ideas are bound to be retrieved or conceived with these kind of feelings, which enhance productivity.

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The other hormone, endophin tends to make you happy, pushing you into an exciting (happy) state, which makes you eager to get to work, especially if you’re currently working on a stressful job, this becomes easy because you are excited. In addition, sex is a kind of antidepressant, which relieves you from stress, making you feel brand new, no matter how hectic your day has been, after sex you become ready to resume to work the next day.

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However, this feelings can only be achieved when you have sex with the right one (your spouse), and not wrong sex, as having it with the wrong person will not trigger the necessary hormones or they may be dilutions of hormones. For example, if you have sex with your spouse’s friend (cheating), you tend to be conscious and careful, and this lead to the production of excess adrenaline, while the other hormones  (ceratonin and endophin) may not be produced in appropriate ratio or quantity. By the way, you should only have sex with your spouse, anything outside that is fornication and adultery. 

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