6 Encouragement Quotes That Has Worked for Me, It Can Work For You Too

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So, i decided to share my favourite quotes of time that has encouraged me to inspire and encourage some one out there. My favourite quotes are as follows:

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1, I might be a slow walker but i make sure i never walk backwards– This means never look at other people’s clock to run your life, never use other people’s situation as your yard stick, whatever you do just make sure you’re making progress no matter how small and gradually you’ll get to your final destination.

2, Yesterday is a history, today is a gift that is why it’s called present, tomorrow is a mystery because we do not know what it holds– This mean never let your past define you, and always cherish and make a precious use of your today because it’s a gift and always keep hope for the best in the mysterious tomorrow.

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3, Do not dwell in the shadow of the past in order to be able to walk in the light of tomorrow– This means forgive yourself of your past mistakes and stupidity, open a new chapter and move on.

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4, Never change a single stroke of your canvas brush just because no one loves your painting– This means never give up your dream(s) just because no one likes what you are doing or what you believe in, keep doing what you believe in, the reward will come.

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5, Work like there’s no God, and pray like there’s no tomorrow– This encourages you to work hard and pray, as God in turn will bless your hard labour.

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6, Never say never– This means your capabilities has no limit, there’s nothing you can’t achieve, no dream is too big, it all depends on your mind set and attitude. Always do everything you do with all your strength and strive for the best. Never say you can’t, the moment you say you can’t then you’ve started killing the dream gradually and accepting defeat.


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