The Evil Thoughts of Sex Doll Started With The Manufacturer, Read What He did…

Sex doll image source: BBC Radio 5

So, now the trending matter among some men is the new sex doll, which worth a ridiculous amount of £1,800, i wonder if this give any maximum pleasure or satisfaction. Many men have started ordering for this devilish object across the globe. Every new year comes with it’s own evil and goodies, this is one of the evil of 2018, however i chose the goodies, what about you? Surprisingly, the manufacturer, Graham, confessed that he also tested the sex doll himself, he said:

‘It would be crazy for me not to,’. 

‘Once you realise you’re performing an act with somebody or something that has no judgement of you whatsoever, that is quite a freedom and that’s a developing freedom that a lot of our customers experience.’

This means Graham actually had sex with a doll, and cumed into a robotic sex doll. Now it’s obvious that, the evil was already dwelling in him before he decided to spread it by manufacturing the doll and putting it on sale. I wonder if he has a wife and kids, and they watched him being swallowed by the evil thought of having sex with a robotic sex doll. However, ladies using sex toys are also not left out, i’ll talk about that some other day.  What do you guys think of this evil sex doll?


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