‘Adulterers’ Review: If You Find Your Wife In Bed With Another Man On Your Anniversary, What Will You Do?

‘Adulterers’ Review

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After watching the preview of Adulterers so many times, i finally decided to watch the full movie, which i found very simple and straight forward. There’s no much to talk about in the movie since it’s based on a true life story, so there isn’t much story-arc creativity. Adulterers movie is about a husband,who comes home early on his wedding anniversary and finds his wife in bed with another man. The lovers quickly learn how far a jealous husband will go when uncontrollable passions erupt.

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Personally, i don’t support the fact the he killed his wife and the who guy slept with his wife. However,  i like the part he humiliated the wife and the guy in the room, and him also calling the guy’s wife and had sex with her in their presence too. So, here’s the question for men out there, if you were in the guy’s shoe what will you do to your wife and the guy you caught in bed with your wife on your wedding anniversary? Comment your response below.

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