Nollywood Review: ‘Ailatunse (Irrepairable)’- Why A Woman Shouldn’t Keep Close Male Friends In a Marriage or Serious Relationship

Nollywood Review: ‘Ailatunse (Irrepairable)’- Why A Woman Shouldn’t Keep Close Male Friends In a Marriage or Serious Relationship

Ailatunse (Irrepairable) is a Yoruba Nollywood romantic movie, with a nice simple storyline and outstanding characters. The story centers on a couple (Banke and Folarin), and the childhood male friend of Banke, who is Banji. Banke is the wife, Folarin is the husband, and of course, Banji is Banke’s childhood friend. Banke and Folarin was enjoying their marriage, while Banji suffered deadly heartbreaks from ladies and always wallowing in sadness. On a fateful night, his new girlfriend broke up with him, and he reached out to Banke, his friend explaining what had just happened to her, and she promised to see him very early the next morning. Banke went to see Banji the next but unfortunately, something bad happened. During the course of consoling Banji, Banke’s eyes and Banji’s eyes gazed into each other and eventually they had sex. This formed the parting of their friendship, as Banke became angry with Banji, even as he apologised. Banke started behaving strange in the house to her husband, Folarin and on the long run, guilty conscience caught her, and she explained how she had sex by mistake with Banji. This got Folarin furious (of course no man can tolerate that) and his love for disappeared like a melted ice, even as they both still live under the same roof. Banke tried all her best to persuade her husband but it was too late (but is anything ever too late between two people who love and cherish each other?). After sometime, Banke discovered she was pregnant and the situation became worse, as Folarin requested she live the house with Banji’s pregnancy. Banji later expressed his feelings to Banke after having sex with her, but got something harsh in return as Banke’s love for her husband is stronger than the tower of Paris. Banke left her husband house and went to see her doctor for antenatal, and the doctor revealed to her that she has been pregnant for 5 month, which she estimated to be before she had sex with Banji, which her husband is responsible for the pregnancy and Banji. The sad part was, that she had an ectopic pregnancy, which requires immediate medical surgery. The doctor helped in calling her husband Folarin to come sign the papers before the commencement of the surgery but he was too angry with Banke and never showed up. Days pass by and Banke’s condition was deteriorating in the hospital. Finally Banji signed the papers as her cloase friend after taking so long to convince the doctor. The surgery was carried out but Banke didn’t make it out, she died in the process and the her husband, Folarin showed. This became a war between Banji and Folarin, Banke’s husband.

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A great movie with so many lessons. The most important lessons in the movie is: as a woman in a marriage or serious relationship, never have a close a male friend(s), as you are likely to ruin your marriage with your own hands. If Banke never had Banji as a close, male friend all the saga would not have happened. Second lesson is, learn to forgive quickly no matter what, as anger destroys easily. If Folarin had forgave Banke, he would have gone to sign the papers in the hospital and prevent her death, even if he will later divorce her, which is not likely. Overall, Ailatunse movie is great one with no major flaws.

Score: 10/10

Watch Ailatunse full movie below:

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