Steven Spielberg’s Adaptaion ‘Ready Player One’ Theatrical Trailer Coming This Sunday, Checkout Preview Stills Pending The Trailer’s Release

Steven Spielberg’s Adaptaion ‘Ready Player One’ Theatrical Trailer Coming This Sunday, Checkout Preview Stills Pending The Trailer’s Release

Ready Player One author, Ernest Cline has just confirmed that the theatrical trailer for the upcoming Steven Spielberg’adaptation of his best-selling novel will be officially released this Sunday and you can check some new exclusive photos from the film below.
According to Entertainment Weekly, star Tye Sheridan gave a clue of his different approach to playing the “nobody-turned-legend Wade Watts and his OASIS avatar Parzival” He said:

[Parzival] is a bit more confident than Wade. It’s a nice little contrast between who he is in the OASIS and who he is in the real world. When we first meet Parzival, he wins the first race and his avatar becomes this celebrity within the OASIS. But [Wade] is an outcast and an underdog in the real world, and no one knows that he’s actually Parzival. It’s almost like a Clark Kent thing, where he’s someone super, but no one knows about it.

Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) emerges from the abandoned van he uses as his headquarters and you can catch a glimpse of a number of cool Easter eggs, including the stationary bike he uses to generate power and several articles about his idol, James Halliday (Mark Rylance), whose challenge to locate three expertly-hidden keys – with the grand prize being his entire fortune – sets off the events in the novel.

Those familiar with the novel will immediately recognize this scene that looks like it was lifted directly from the pages of Cline’s story as Watts watches his home in the Stacks get blown to Kingdom Come by Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn) and the IOI after Parzival (Sheridan) refuses his offer to join forces in the OASIS. Spielberg teases, “They do come after you, and that’s when our case spills over into the real world. Our major characters, they are in mortal jeopardy.

Here’s our first real look at Watts in the OASIS as his avatar Parzival, whose name as you may have guessed is inspired by Percival, one of the knights of Arthur’s round table. You may even recognize the sword on his back if you look closely enough. The photo reveals Parzival doing some research, watching archival footage of Halliday and Ogden Morrow (Simon Pegg) developing the virtual reality world. He’s joined by an OASIS librarian, The Curator, on his left and Art3mis (Olivia Cooke), the warrior-goddess heroine of the story, on his right. 

Honestly, this is actually a borderline major spoiler from the novel, but it looks like the movie may be opting to go in a different direction with Art3mis’ real-world identity and appearance. Here we see her looking on in horror as a bunch of people in the real world engage in an epic online battle. Cooke explains, “My character has stumbled on to the street where she’s seeing all of these people in their work clothes, all ages, all ethnicities who are getting together and locked in their visors. They’re having a huge war, this rampage. We’re starting to see people are more locked into their phones than looking up and interacting with people. In 2045, there is world famine, there is world war, and the cost of a plane ticket, travel, and of living life to a high standard in reality has gotten so exorbitant that the only form of escape for them is to log into an alternate reality.

Source: Ernie Cline, Comicbookmovie

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