‘The Da Vinci Code’: One of The Most Terrible Movie I’ve Seen With a Terrible Storyline

‘The Da Vinci Code’: One of The Most Terrible Movie I’ve Seen With a Terrible Story-line

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The Da Vinci Code, I won’t say much about this movie because it’s not worth it. I watched the movie again of recent and I found out it’s one the most uninteresting movie I’ve ever watched. The movie story line is vague and has no true meaning, I don’t know if it’s better to call it a fiction or a faulty fallacy.  The Da Vinci Code follows a murder in Paris’ Louvre Museum and cryptic clues in some of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings, which lead to the discovery of a religious mystery. For 2,000 years a secret society closely guards information that if revealed will rock the foundations of Christianity.

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I tried to follow this movie step by step from the beginning to the end but it has no meaning. The secret they found later in the movie, which was the young girl had no meaning, her role was not clearly defined. She was claimed to be a bloodline of Jesus but we do not know the significant of this, and where Silas, who claim to be an angel originated from, we do not know. The movie is so dumb that it’s just a waste of time. All the adventure, fighting and searching in the movie was just to take the girl back to her home and nothing more. Also, how come the professor was able to solve the puzzle and not young girl? Who is the professor and where did he come from? is he Da Vinci? The movie just muddled all the answers to this question together, that we have to assume so many things.

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The movie creates annoyance and not suspense. When the professor later found the tomb of Mary it was of no use, he just knelt down and the film ended – very poor. The Da Vinci Code shouldn’t have been the title of the movie, it should have been something else like ‘The Secrete of The First Church’. The movie doesn’t explore anything on Leonard Da Vinci at all, the movie so far that has explores Leonard Da Vinci to the fullest is Robin Hood: The Village Thief. Overall, The Da Vinci Code is a terrible movie with a terrible story line.

Score: 2/10

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