Nollywood Review: ‘My Home’- The Tale of a Careless Wife

Nollywood Review: ‘My Home’- The Tale of a Careless Wife


My Home is Nollywood movie that centers on some ladies who tend to too choose their career over their home, who is always claiming busy and not always sensitive to their man’s need. The film centers on a lady called Ibukun, who out her carelessness ruined her marriage and her life with her own life, claiming she cares only about her career and not her home. Ibukun later lost her husband to her friend. Ibukun’s husband, Ife discussed with her that it’s high time they start having kids, but Ibukun was too busy with her job and hardly have sex with her husband. Ibukun went behind her husband to see a doctor in order to insert and IUD into her system, which will prevent her from getting pregnant. On the long-run, her husband after trying so hard to make her get pregnant decided they should see a gynecologist. This became a nightmare for Ibukun as the doctor who did the IUD for out of the country and there’s no way she could go about it without the gynecologist finding out.


Eventually, the gynecologist found out and broke the news to her husband, and this was when the her marriage began to tore apart, especially when the doctor said the IUD has stayed too long in her system and her chances of being able to give birth is 50/50. Ibukun had the IUD in her system for three years. Ibukun’s husband began to see someone else, who happens to be Ibukun’s best friend, meanwhile Ibukun had also knowingly out of carefreeness kissed her male friend who obviously just wanted to play her, as he already has his own fiancée. Ibukun later found out about her husband’s external affair and her husband didn’t deny it as well, he invited Ibukun’s friend, who is now his new wife and broke the news to Ibukun once and for all. The saddest part is that, Ibukun had to move to the guest room, as she’ve lost her matrimonial bed.


My Home film sure is a great movie that will teach many women lessons, who do not care about their home or their man all because they are married. The cinematography and story line is a great one. All the scenes in the movie are realistic, they can happen real life or rather they happen real life. But the movie raises question to the audience. If you are a man will you stop loving your wife because she has been preventing herself from giving birth without your knowledge, even when both of you seriously want kids? As a woman, did Ibukun do the right thing? If you were in her shoes what will you do and what will you do to your friend who now has your man? Comment your views below.

Score 10/10

Watch My Home full movie below.

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