Nollywood Review: “Social Media Wife”- The Tale of a Social media Addict

Nollywood Review: “Social Media Wife”- The Tale of a Social media Addict


In as much as the Nollywood industry is full junk movies with terrible plots, some movies still tends to pass great messages, even if the plot could be a little faulty. I just saw this movie Social media Wife, which was stared by Adeniyi Johnson. The message of the movie was well communicated about the excessive use of smart phones and how everybody now have the whole of their lives on social media.


Social media Wife centers on a newly wedded couple, which their marriage began to fall apart due to the serious addiction the wife had with social media. She updates the public about every single thing happening in her life and her home, which the husband was not in support. This always result into argument and fight between the two couple, until some sort of rubbers traced the wife from social media to collect her newly acquired gold she publicised on social media. Also, the wife got access to the husband’s phone, which has always been passworded, and she found out he has been sleeping around with several ladies. Following these events, the couple decided to quit the use of smart phones and the use of social media.


The Good of the movie: The message of the movie teaches the audience not to make their lives depend on smart phones or let their lives be driven by social media. It’s so sad that in the world of today, even people are going to use the washroom they post it social media, that it becomes easy to monitor people’s lives through social media. The most annoying is broken marriages being posted on social media, all for people to see and laugh about it. The use of social media and smartphones has killed many people and ruined many homes. Smart phones are now smarter than even the users, and it’s high time we started knowing that these things are just technology and not meant to drive our lives. All these things were well communicated in Social media Wife movie.


The flaws in the movie: The movie did not explain how social media or smartphone was the main driver of why the husband was sleeping around. The movie did not explain if he met the women he has been sleeping with online or if it was due to the fact that he doesn’t find happiness in his wife anymore, since she’s a social media addict. In addition, both of them set their smart phones ablaze at the end of the movie, which has nothing to do with the husband. The smartphone does not mean he will stop sleeping around, except if he use to meet these women online. Burning their smart phones will only have effect on the wife, as she will no longer have access to social media. Aside these minor flaws, the movie is a great movie, with a nice concept.

Score: 8/10

Watch Social media Wife full movie below:


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