‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ Review: A Great Movie By Liam Neeson, Recommended For You

‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ Review: A Great Movie By Liam Neeson

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Here’s another great movie by Liam Neeson titled A Walk Among the Tombstones, which is in the same category with his hit movie, Taken 1 & 2. For those who have watched Taken, you will understand what I’m talking about. A Walk Among the Tombstones is 2014 thriller movie, which centers on Matthew Scudder (Liam Neeson), who was formerly part of the NYPD, but now works as an unlicensed private detective. His latest client is a drug trafficker (Dan Stevens) whose wife was kidnapped and brutally murdered by some unknown cruel murderers. As Scudder digs deeper into the case, he finds that the crime’s sequence was an architecture done by the criminals. Before they kill any further, Scudder hunt the killers, obscuring the lines between lawful and criminal as he goes on with the case.

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I totally enjoy this movie from the very beginning to the end, the story line was on point, Neeson nailed the movie as usual with his own concept. The scenes with the young boy TJ, who later became his associate, was a bit hilarious, especially when they first met and the young boy was always talking like a gangster with slangs. Neeson then asked him “can’t you speak English at all?” that was funny, even if was speaking English, but in a broken form. The movie had some horror touch in the killing scenes of the murderers, which made it scary at some point towards the end.

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Despite the interesting story line of the movie, the main reason why the 2 cruel kidnappers and murderers were doing what they doing was not revealed in the movie. May be they were psychos or they are revenging for something or they sell human parts or they work for someone, it should have revealed in the movie, the reason why they were killing their hostages. Fine, it is clear that they chose kidnapping as a full time job, but the main reason they kill their hostages and other innocents is unknown, which is a kind of shortcoming of the movie. In addition, the drug trafficker who also accompanied Neeson towards the end of the movie in hunting the killers in order to avenge his wife’s death was very unwise, which lead to his death. He left one of the killers on the chair, handcuffed and left to see the second killer who was already dead, and still expect to meet the killer sitting on the chair waiting for him, but guess what? He later went to join his wife, as the killer managed to free himself from the chair and handcuff, and then went for him, chopped off his head, arms and legs (too bad for him). Nevertheless, A Walk Among the Tombstones is great a movie with a perfect concluding scene. You should watch the movie if you’ve not done so, and if you’ve watched the movie, what do you think of it? Comment your views below.

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