“I’m In Love With a Church Girl” Movie Stirs Argument In A Movie Hall

“I’m In Love With a Church Girl” Movie Stirs Argument In A Movie Hall

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So, recently I watched this 2013 movie, I’m in Love With a Church Girl for this second time but this time I watched it with my group members on campus on our pizza and movie night. The movie was recommended by our group president after he watched it of recent and I supported it too because I thought it was a great movie too when I watched it in 2013. So, we went on to announce to other group members that we will be watching I’m in Love With a Church Girl tonight in our meeting so, everyone was prepared to see the ‘eureka’ movie. To my greatest surprise every group member who watched the movie excluding the president and I, got pissed with the movie. They said Vanessa, who played the church girl is nowhere close to a church girl. They claimed her dressing and the way she took up a relationship with Miles was nothing close to Godly. They said she’s not a church girl but just a random “babe” who goes to church.

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My group member first claim was that, she didn’t pray before going into a relationship with Miles if she’s indeed a church girl. She also fell in love with Miles fully when she visited Miles and saw how rich Miles was. Also, she was encouraging Miles to take some shot of alcohol even when Miles was trying to avoid taking alcohol at the night club. Also, she followed Miles to club, slept in house and even kissed him when they are not married. They said all these doesn’t portray a church girl. My group member claimed the movie is confusing, not edifying and has nothing to teach a Christian, that it may actually confuse a Christian who is just growing in faith. They also mentioned the movie was kinda separating being a Christian from being a man or woman of faith, which is super confusing and annoying.

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I understand their point, responded to them saying, being a church girl simply means you go to church every time and going to church every time does not make you saint nor holy. Your heart is the church and your lifestyle preaches your faith. Although, the lifestyle of Vanessa didn’t really showcase a true Christian in the movie, she was just a normal lady.

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Overall, I still think the movie is a great movie on the average, showing that God can use anyone and that God is willing to accept you anytime once you accept him. No matter how rough and ugly your past may be, he’s willing take away all you sins and make you a new person. Guess what my group members did in the middle of the movie, they got angry and decided they are no longer watching the movie. They stood up and walked out of the movie hall, they didn’t finish the movie..lol.

Have you watched I’m in Love With a Church Girl? If yes, what do you think of this movie? Comment your take below.

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