The Snowman Movie Review: Not a Super Great Movie, Nothing Spectacular

The Snowman Movie Review: Not a Super Great Movie, Nothing Spectacular

The Snowman follows a young woman, who died during the first winter snow fall that appears to be like a homicide to Detective Harry. His investigation led him to “The Snowman Killer,” a cruel sociopath who is terrorizing everyone. Harry teams up with a brilliant recruit to hunt down the vicious murderer before he kills again. 

The Snowman film plot is similar to many scary film we’ve watched, which i don’t think has something special and new to offer. The concept of the film is a scary man, who lives in a scary place and operates silently. A kind of predator – prey concept. We have seen this in several horror movies and movies like Jeeper Creepers and Saw. But the concept is really close to the concept of Jigsaw, which is the new sequel to Saw. The Snowman was playing games with people’s life in the film, which is what happened exactly in Jigsaw. The concept is also similar to the recent Stephen King’s adaptation horror IT movie. IT appears to be even more interesting than The Snowman due to some other side plots in the movie, which will make you want to see the sequel.

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The Snowman facial ice costume is also annoying and ugly, not scary. Moreover, the basis of the costume is unclear why he has the snow on his face. Again there’s nothing new and impressive about the movie, you can predict what will happen in the next scene in the movie and above all, you can predict the end of the movie withing the first 20 minutes of the movie.

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The Snowman movie is okay to watch just for fun but not really entertaining compared to some other movies of the same genre. No much action and and no much fear, it’s just in between, making it a normal film, just like any other film you will stumble upon and just watch for fun to kill boredom. What do you think of this movie? Comment your views below, let’s hear opinion.

Score: 5/10


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