Last Week On The CW-DC shows: The Premieres- Supergirl, Legends, The Flash & Arrow

Last Week On The CW-DC shows’ Premieres

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This is recap + review of the four connected DC shows on the CW network, which is better referred to as The Arrowverse.

Almost five months ago, the dreary season of the DC shows airing on the CW came to an end. They returned this past Monday with the usual week opener, Supergirl. Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow now have new time slots as they air on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively. The Flash still sticks to its Tuesdays as it precedes the Legends.


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This season on the CW-DC shows kicked off with Supergirl as usual, airing on Mondays. It’s important to note this early that Supergirl is the only show that spared viewers with the “Last Season on(…)” And Its safe to say, this is a new dawn for the show as it tries it best to separate itself from the previous seasons.

The episode opens with a dream sequence(by all means)… Kara Danvers in a field with beautiful grasses, she sees the love of her life, Mon El, then her mother. For those in the know, the woman is technically not her mother as the character has been re-casted and Erica Durance(Lois Lane from Smallville) now plays Mama Kara…you know, just to make a villain out of her. More on that later.

So Kara wakes up from the dream, turns out she hadn’t been sleeping, like actual sleeping like normal people do. She is hanging out with the clouds and stars up in the sky, just hanging there, not flying, because she’s Supergirl. She wakes up, goes after criminals who are being chased by, yea, you guessed it, Sanvers(Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers), the about to be wedded couple. Kara…sorry, Supergirl shows up just in time to save them from being multiple-shot by ‘a very very big gun.’ Supergirl saves the day but one of the criminals escape.

Take-away from the scene: Kara is no longer her self. She doesn’t care about autographs and praises anymore. She’s just… stiff.

Then we move to the DEO where Supergirl presents the blood of one of the victims of her, uhm, stiffness. The criminal that got away, she did happen to hit him a hundred yards away. With his blood on her hand, she wants Winn to do a facial recognition. Alex stops her as she tries to leave, inviting her to the tasting for the wedding. Which she says she will try with a “…If I am not busy” prefix at the end.

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Take-away from the scene: Kara is no longer her self…which is pretty much the same point they tried to drive home in the previous scene.

Then there’s a meeting that involves the ‘big names of National City???’. Just a room full of big people, including James Olsen, who runs Catco Media while Cat Grant is flexing in the White House as the Press Secretary. And Lena Luthor (Hey Lena, it’s nice to see you again).

So there’s a new guy in town(not really though), who goes by the name of Morgan Edge( Adrian Pasdar of Marvel’s Agent’s Of Shield) who is obviously a bad guy as we first see him. They talk boring business for a while with Edge pitching an idea that Lena and Mr. Olsen don’t agree with. Really, the plan involves rendering people homeless so, you get it.

James Olsen holds a meeting with his writers to review their next issue. He turns to Kara and asks “How are you doing on that exclusive with Supergirl” in which Kara replies that Supergirl has been busy. James dismiss everyone and asks his former beau to wait behind and you can bet your hat there was an unnecessary lashing out from the new moppy-Kara who can’t get over the loss of her boyfriend.

Big Boy Olsen innocently offered her…No, he asked her if she would like to grab a drink and she went “You want me to write the article or grab a drink?” That was pretty intense. Its just like she’s taking the pain of losing Mon El on everyone else. And next we have a banger, our rich big bad, Morgan Edge, announces that he is buying Catco. Bummer.

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Kara goes to Lena Luthor to help talk Edge out of buying Catco. Winn was able to track down Bloodshot, the-one-that-got-away. Kara goes in alone as expected and got attacked by a cloaked Daxamite ship. She scales through but ended up losing Bloodshot again as she chooses to rescue a wounded soldier than go after the criminal. Our little Kara is still in there. And something happened, Kara hears beeping and we see her flying to Catco to meet James. So apparently, James pressed or dialed the emergency phone number that Kara’s friends are supposed to use only when they are in trouble, just to ask of the article. Pretty bold move there. That and other things prompted Kara to subsequently quit being a reporter at Catco. Team Supergirl finds out that Bloodshot can drop a nuke out the sky without anyone noticing, courtesy of a cloaking device stuff(Seriously, ask Winn)

Lena goes to Edge to talk him out of buying Catco. Didn’t go well of course and after she’s gone, it is revealed that Edge is the money behind Bloodshot. What a surprise!

Did I mention National City is building a Girl Of Steel statue? Yea, considering the fact that the second season of The Flash used the same story in it’s premiere makes everything all so cliché. Ruin the gathering of people trying celebrate the Girl of steel. That’s what happened of course. The arena was attacked from below via a submarine and people got hurt. A mother tries to save her daughter who was trapped under a mast and discovers she has super-strength.

Supergirl saves the day of course, but not without an unnecessary attempt to make us believe the main star of the show could actually drown and die. Stop guys.

Kara goes to Lena and Lena reveals that she bought Catco before Edge could lay his hand on it. Edge comes in just in time to confront Lena. Kara leaves, Supergirl comes in like two seconds later.

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Lena is like the only person on National City who doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl. Which makes you wonder if she’s actually a Luthor because that is pretty slow for a smart woman.

So Supergirl takes Edge on a trip to the middle of the ocean and drops him on a tanker, leaving him there. Wow, Kara…that is so not you, but Its cool. Alex asks J’onn to walk him down the aisle on her wedding day. Awwwwn, J’onn should never cry on screen again. Kara eventually returns back to Catco [through text.] Super Mom who saved her daughter earlier had a dream about Supergirl’s mom? Okay, roll the credit’s.

A dull premiere for a promising season. Just a slight few modifications ( Seriously stop trying to make it like The Flash and try focusing on character growth) and we are good to go.

Supergirl airs on Mondays.

The Flash

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“My name is Iris West, and I was supposed to marry the fastest man alive”

This monologue opens the premiere as Iris West takes the place Barry both literally and figuratively. Its been six months since Barry went into the speed forces to stop the world from being destroyed. Iris is now kinda the leader of Team Flash which now consists of just Wally, Cisco and Joe. Julian has moved to London and Caitlyn…well, more on Caitlyn later.

The episode opens with Team Flash trying to catch Peekaboo, the meta-human that can teleport, remember her? Iris leads the team from the Star Labs and everything went as planned… ish.

They rendezvous back at Star Labs and we got to see the kind of leader Iris is. A too serious one? Or a sadist? No, I’ve tried a lot on names and they are just too subtle to describe Iris. She coerced Wally to go through a four hours simulation instead of going to the family dinner. She told Wally, Cisco and Joe to stop ‘fooling around’. Not even Oliver Queen can be this absurd.

Joe and Cecile are more into the relationship than when we last saw them. Cecile is planning on moving in. So Iris has given up on Barry coming back which is really odd, even for a superhero show. Since when does Iris give up? Pretty much like Supergirl acting all grumpy throughout the premiere; they could switch roles and we wouldn’t notice.

So for the second villain of the week, we got a Samurai. Yeah, like an actual “Holy Ronin” Samurai. Trust Cisco.

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The Samurai came out of nowhere and can fly and can… Okay, Cisco asks if anyone can speak Japanese and Wally decides to show off. Turns out our Samurai is American. I mean, can speak English. He demands they provide the Flash or else “your city falls.” Cisco demanded to know what havoc the Ronin can cause with a sword and Samurai ( which is what they called him until the last minutes of the episode, I thought Cisco was losing his edge on nicknames) levels the ground with his sword, taking humans and cars. And that’s before he reminds them that they have one day to provide The flash and he flies away. While deliberating on how to take out the Samurai, Cisco suddenly remembers he can bring Barry back… so cool.

So it took just a Samurai to make Cisco open up to the rest of the team that he has a way to bring Barry back. If you ask me, that’s kinda a lame methodology to bring the hero of the show back. But Kara, sorry Iris isn’t going with it. The way she says the words “Barry is gone” makes you think you are watching a totally different show.

Cisco asks to go grab some coffee. He goes to a bar where Catelyn, Catelyn Snow, is the bartender. Cisco asks Catelyn help them bring Barry back. A weird looking guy in the bar approaches to know if everything is okay. Cisco yells him away. She agrees to help. Uhn, really? At this point, I should stop and say this. This premiere feels rushed like they are trying too hard to get past all the other dynamics and just bring Barry back.

Cisco takes Catelyn and Team Flash, excluding Iris, to the runway that was used way back in Season 1 to teach Barry how to use his speed. Joe quickly forgets all Catelyn has done as soon as she says the magic words. “I hope one day you forgive me” crap. But it reminds you of the all-forgiving nature of Team Flash.

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Cisco tells them they are bringing Barry back. So here’s the plan: It involves the Speed Force Bazooka and a red ball thingy called the Quark Sphere. The Quark Sphere is filled with Barry’s DNA so they are going to shoot it into the speed force with the bazooka and Barry will come out with the Sphere tricking the Speed Force that Barry is still there, so no rapture. However, it didn’t work… at first. Iris shows up just in time to witness the failure.

Somewhere in the city, Barry shows up, but not without his signature floating cup of coffee entrance and a wormhole. He runs aimlessly for a while. Actually he came in Terminator style… naked. With a very not-so-cool beard, and stopped a truck, then passed out in the middle of the road.

Back at Star Labs, Iris is bitchin(without the ‘g’, really) about them trying to bring Barry back without her consent. Cisco has had enough of it and he speaks every viewers mind when he lashed “Dude, what is your deal?” at Iris. Before she could reply him, Papa West interjects and receives a call from Cecile. Barry was found.

They all move to Star Labs and the Barry they meet isn’t their Barry. He is talking nonsense actually and kept on hearing the stars singing and drawing symbols. Catelyn put him to sleep and his body was shipped to Star Labs for Doctor Frost to diagnose stuffs. Fun fact: To wake Barry up, Cisco plays a particular song; Poker face by Lady Gaga. The whole scene is a reference to the first episode of the first season where Cisco tried to wake Barry up from coma with this same song which he happened to pull by checking Barry’s Facebook likes. It worked in both occasions. Barry better come explain why his resurrection needs Lady Gaga all the time.

Iris, the boss, asks for the room alone with Barry. She arouses his emotions, I guess, and he started running around Star Labs with a very surprising speed, crashing and pushing things and people. Catelyn takes him out with an ice gun.

Computer beeps. Samurai is back. Wally puts on Barry’s suit_ Old suit. Cisco made a new one_ and he felt pretty happy about the idea like ‘Hello, isn’t that the first thing that should come to your mind when a sword wielding flying Samurai demands a Barry that has been away for six months?’  Wally gets his ass handed to him by the Samurai who figured Wally was the fake Flash. He ended up slicing through Wally’s fibula(thanks Catelyn.) Wally can’t get on his feet.

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Cisco decrypts the code of what Barry’s symbols meant. Andp it says “This house is bitchin.” Yea, that doesn’t sound like Barry.. Joe shaves Barry’s beard and cleaned him up. Iris thinks giving herself up to the Samurai as a captive would force their Barry back to them as he would want to save her. She did just that and it took Joe to scream “Iris is gonna to die” for Barry, our Barry, to break out of his containment cell and steal his new suit and take out Samurai and save Iris. They discover Samurai is just a robot… an android. Everyone welcomes Barry back as he is normal now but doesn’t remember his time in the speed force. Catelyn quits her job. The weird guy Cisco yelled away tried to stop her and she went Killer Frost on him. Barry and Iris go to their apartment together. Only a crime across the street interrupts their reunion as Barry runs off to assist the police.

So the last scene let us in in the people who sent the Samuroid Yea, Cisco got his groove back) and what they are planning. The scene features Thanos on his chair. Really It’s like DC’s version of Thanos as they hint a villain expecting everyone to know who he is. I apologize on the producers behalf. He’s called The Thinker and he’s teased as the biggest bad of the season.

Overall, its a rushed episode as pointed earlier but the feel and the fun is back. The Flash’s fans are excited.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on CW

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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This season picks up exactly where we left off last season. The Legends messed with time so bad that Dinosaurs are in Los Angeles. As a Dinosaurs makes to attack them, it slides into a mirror thing and disappears. Rip Hunter appears behind them the same way in a blue tux and sweet hairstyle. He informs them that those Dinosaurs are anachronisms: “people, places and things displaced from their native time periods.”

He has formed a new team called the Time Bureau who are fixing the anachronisms “as we speak” sending the anachronisms back to their time periods and wiping the memories of the people of Los Angeles who witnessed the chaos. No explanation on how they are gonna fix the damaged buildings though. They last saw Rip 15minutes ago but it has been five years on his end. Urrrgh, screw Time Travel.

He ended up disbanding the team as their services were no longer required. Fast forward 6 months later(its this moment you realize the desperate attempt of the writers to put all four shows in the same time frame): The former Legends are scattered :around the world. Sara Lance is in Star City working at Sink, Shower and Stuffs and is getting scolded by her boss for throwing knives. She imagines herself slitting his throat but comes out of her reverie as he orders her to go clean spilled conditioner.  Ray Palmer is in Silicon valley trying to pitch his miniaturization inventions to his [boss?] who flat out rejected him.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If it doesn’t live in a phone, it’s not the future.

Nate is in Central City helping Wally West(Kid Flash) take out few criminals. And he goes out with hot women that he doesn’t even remember their names.

Mick Rory is in Aruba and he stumbled upon Julius Caesar. Actually its the other way round. Mick ties him up and calls the others that he found an anachronism. Sara quits her job. She and Ray rendezvous with Nate at Central City. They decide to use Julius Caesar as their ticket to working with Rip again. They storm the Time Bureau headquarters which happens to be in Star City. They get apprehended but Rip Hunter shows up just in time. Nate has personal grudges with Rip and it has to do with Amaya. She dumped him and went back to 1942 and he thinks its Rip’s fault. Rip takes them to their old ship, The Wave Rider, which is now a simulator for trainees. And the Time Bureau trainees mock them.

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So Time Bureau is ready to open a portal to Aruba to retrieve Caesar. Caesar managed to trick Mick. He escapes and runs into a costume party at the beach. The Time Bureau shows up and takes a teen dressed like Caesar together with Rory.

They arrive headquarters. Rip dismisses the former legends for the wrong information. They find out that Rory was telling the truth so they decided to steal the Waverider and capture Caesar themselves. They time-jump to Central City to meet Jax and Professor Stein (who’s expecting his grandchild) as the ship need some repairs. They all go to Aruba, capture Caesar.

Rip asks them to return the real Caesar to them and Captain Sara who actually wanted to do just that, changed her mind after a chat with Julius Caesar. They return him to Cisalpine Gaul (49BC). Here is where things gets real. Sara and Mick drops Caesar off. And before releasing him, Mick talks about the consequences of not releasing Caesar. Sara wipes his memory so he won’t remember anything. Mick opens the book ‘Rise Of Rome’ to confirm that history is back as normal. He then takes a selfie with Julius Caesar. And after they released him it was revealed that Caesar swiped the book ‘Rise Of Rome’ from Mick. Which means he will pretty much be able to change his future. And as they try to get back home, Gideon tells them they can’t because their home no longer exists. And they realize that Caesar has the book. They try to go steal the book back but the Time Bureau shows up to do it. The Time Bureau falls into a trap set by Caesar and the Legends suits up to go save them and repair history.

Rip has a chat with one of his agents and they mention a Mallus who is obviously gonna be the big bad this season. Rip think the Legends can help them stop Mallus, Agent Sharpe says they are the reason Mallus is coming. Whatever! we will see him when we see him. Final scene shows Amaya back in 1942 (screwing history?)

Overall most fun episode of the week.

Legends airs on Thursdays after The Flash.


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Arrow ended with a big bang last season with many lives literally hanging. Now we know who’s alive and who’s not. On a lighter note, Oliver’s baby mama is dead. Thea is in a coma. While everyone else is up and running, except Diggle who misses his shot like a 5 years old.  Writing Arrow isn’t enjoyable because I personally didn’t like last season. So I’ll rush this through.

Team Arrow stops a missile headed for Star City in the opening scene. The guy who plotted the whole thing works for Black Siren who survived the blast and a gunshot from Quentin Lance(Yeahhh, Quentin shot his dopple-daughter so we got the right amount of sobbing, mopping and annoying-drunk Quentin. Someone kill off the character already.)

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Black Siren invades the police station, releases her henchman and blows it up. Laurel attacks the arrowcave and planted explosives. She might have stolen something Oliver has been trying to connect with his Son for more than 5 months and nothing is working. The boy is just thickheaded like his father. Slade Wilson is running around free searching for his son. He gives Oliver some advice and William agrees to watch Baseball with his father and then boom! It’s on the news; the only reason why this episode matters. Oliver Queen has been outed as the Green Arrow. Its on the television and Oliver doesn’t know what to do.

Still better than Supergirl.

Arrow airs Thursdays on The CW.

A new week for for the CW- DC shows begins Monday 16th.

By Adeduyite Okiki

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