Nollywood Review & Recommendation: “Abawon (Imperfection)”- Love, Tears & Betrayal

Abawon (Imperfection)

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Abawon (Imperfection) is a Yoruba- English Nollywood movie, which centers on an ambitious young lady Deola, who is a professional lawyer and married to Tolu, a common man. Deola vowed initially not have kids in her marriage due to experience, but later revert her decision after her husband Tolu persuaded her and she decided to have kids. Deola had employees under her control in her place of work but there is a young guy, Marvin, who is younger than her and seem to be a friend to her. Deola found out her husband had an affair outside their marriage and the lady was pregnant for him.


This tore Deola’s heart into pieces, she became a regular victim in the hospital and diagnosed for breast cancer. Tolu made attempt to deny when Deola confronted him but later apologized this would not heal her shattered heart. The doctor told Deola that the best way to cure her breast cancer is to amputate the breast infected but her husband did not support this, as he did not want to see his wife with only one breast. Deola sought advice from Marvin, one of her employee at place of work, who seem to be a friend.


Marvin advice her to follow the doctors advise in undergoing the surgery to amputate the breast. She agreed to undergo the surgery but her husband Tolu became furious and filed a divorce, and got married to the lady who is now pregnant for him outside his marriage. Deola became down and after her surgery she became intimate with Marvin but Marvin’s mother hate Deola, she claims Deola is too old for Marvin and she’s always humiliating her everywhere they met. On the long run, Tolu’s marriage to the new wife became sour and violent that he lost everything and almost cost him his life. Deola showed him mercy by offering him to stay in her home for the sake of their daughter and to get back on his feet to move on since she has already moved on with Marvin. Soon, Marvin became uncomfortable with Deola keeping Tolu in her house and he eventually proposed to Deola just to secure her, as he was head of hills in love with her.


Soon, Marvin mother threat on Deola became deadly, which brought her close to her ex-husband unknowingly. Tolu later decided to apologize and asked for second chance from Deola, which she eventually accept after several apologies and she decided to return Marvin’s ring as his mother remained a threat, which is costing her personality and professional life.


Abawon (Imperfection) is an interesting love movie with a nice plot of betrayal, tears and love. The cinematography is great with just 8 cast members. The doctor did an excellent job in role and at the same hilarious. Marvin’s mother of course was professionally hilarious as always in the movie, just like she was in her movie Mama Insurance. Deola seem to be a new face in the Nollywood industry but she did an excellent job in her role, the tears were real and her emotions looks original (I’m sure she’s definitely in love in real life). Marvin also did a great job in his role but Tolu, Deola’s husband seem to be a little cautious of the camera and a bit slow, probably because he’s new in the industry. The movie is suitable for all age ranges, no nude and indecent scenes.

In as much as the movie has an interesting story, there’s still a question about the movie plot: Why will Deola accept to keep her ex-husband in the house who filed divorce himself? That doesn’t seem to be realistic, I don’t any woman who do that. In addition, will any woman actually accept a man who divorced her because of her disease or disability back?

Score: 9/10

Watch Abawon (Imperfection) full movie below.

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