Justice League: The Flash & Cyborg Bond Explained By Ray Fisher

Justice League

Justice League star Ray Fisher has revealed how Victor Stone(Cyborg’s) friendship with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen (The Flash) strengthens throughout the entire new Justice League film. He also mentioned some aspects of their bond he looks forward to explore in  future films:

“Barry has undergone a traumatic accident and that turned him into the Flash, which is something that bonds the two of these guys. I hope we get to touch on that. In the future, the fact that the accident that took Victor’s body is basically the precursor to him getting his powers. And the accident that turned Barry into the Flash are two separate, but very similar events that happened to these guys.

And both of them deal with their accidents in different ways. Victor’s is very much on the outside, and Barry’s is on the level of the Speed Force. He doesn’t completely understand that either. So somebody having an external struggle and somebody struggling with the internal struggle of it, ‘Any moment, this mysterious force could rip my body into a million pieces’… that’s interesting.”

Source: Geek Magazine

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