Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Will Top Ash & a cadaver’s Deadite fight

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3

Ash vs Evil Dead star Dana DeLorenzo has just hinted that the upcoming  season 3 of the movie series will top the fight between Ash (Bruce Campbell) and a cadaver’s Deadite colon from last season. This was revealed when a fan asked how the cast members keep the new episodes fresh, which Santiago responded  “How can top what we did the episode before?”

Campbell added “The Morgue” episode, saying, “Once you put your head up a cadaver’s butt, where do you go from there?”

DeLorenzo to said:

“The writers keep out-doing themselves every season, and speaking of colons, there’s something even more disgusting – gag-worthy/hilarious at the same time than there was (last season) – I did not think you could top a fight with a colon, but we do (in) season 3.”

Source: Facebook Live

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