The Flash: Danny Trejo’s Breacher Role In Season 4 Revealed

The Flash Season 4

Danny Trejo’s role in The Flash season 4’s “redirection”, has been revealed. The Machete star is cast as Breacher, the father to Jessica Camacho’s interdimensional bounty hunter, Gypsy. Other new cast in season 4 of The Flash include Hartley Sawyer as the Elongated Man, Neil Sandilands as the villain Thinker, and Katee Sackhoff as Blacksmith.
The Flash executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg spoke to EW about Breacher:
“Gypsy and Jessica [Camacho], they’re so tough and so strong. We’re like, “Obviously she came from somebody strong,” and we just thought it would be a hilarious idea for Cisco, who’s managed to melt Gypsy’s heart, being unable to do the same with her father.”
He added:
“ Trejo’s character and his storyline with Cisco and Gypsy, it’s part of this slight redirection of the series this year — it’s just doing much more fun stories and much more just out and out hilarious things to match Barry’s newfound optimism and lightness.”
Source: EW

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