Dave Bautista Almost Lost His Role In Blade Runner 2049 Because He Was ‘Too Young’

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 costar  Guardians of the Galaxy star, Dave Bautista revealed he was told at first that he was too young for the role of replicant Sapper Morton in the film. Speaking to Cinema Blend at the Blade Runner 2049 domestic press day, Bautista revealed how he nearly lost the role in the scifi hit film:

“The funny thing is that when I first met with Denis [Villeneuve]… because I wasn’t originally asked to audition, I was actually asked to fly out and meet with Denis. And so I did; I was filming Guardians 2 and I went out to meet with him. And we weren’t very far in the conversation, like really not far in the conversation, when he said, ‘I hate to tell you this, my friend, but you are too young for this part!’ And I was heartbroken! Not only heartbroken, but I’m used to being told I’m too old for parts. And now I’m just frustrated. I just can’t win! I can’t win in this town!”

He added:

“The producers were really supportive of me getting this part, but they were never going to go against Denis’ wishes, and he just thought I was too young for the part. I didn’t work. And then I did the screen test, and he said, ‘It works!’ And I said, [fist pumps], ‘Yes!’ When I got there he was also very supportive; he was saying, ‘I’m so glad I chose you for this.’”

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters this Friday.

Source Cinema Blend

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