Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Gets The Worst Negative Reviews In MCU History


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As Marvel’s Inhumans nears its television premiere, there couple of bad negative reviews the movie series has received, which is the first of its kind in the history of MCU. Inhumans first two episodes was scored  7% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn doesn’t think the show’s future is bright. See some of the brutal reviews below:

‘Iron Fist’ looks like ‘Citizen Kane’ next to this slapped-together, incoherent, cheap-looking mess. – Variety

So far, the writing is bad, the editing is atrocious, the costuming looks cheap, and most of the acting is wooden. There are in-episode flashbacks to events that took place less than five minutes earlier, as if we would want to re-live any of it (or as if it’s our fault that things are so badly put together that we might not be following the story). And despite everyone else having an American accent, Rheon retains some of his Welsh lilt, which he told us at the TV Critics Press Tour earlier this summer was his attempt to sound a bit “Moon-ish.” – Collider

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Inhumans is legitimately the worst Marvel adaptation of the year (yes, even beating out Iron Fist). In fact, as far as terrible Marvel adaptations go, you might have to go all the way back to Roger Corman’s unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four film to best it. – Indie Wire

There are so many boring ways to portray a fantasy civilization, and Marvel’s Inhumans has them all. See: Attilan, the top-secret moon city populated by a frowning race of gene-tweakers. There’s a lot of black leather, a heavy architectural fascination with gray-block geometry, spheroid chambers, proletarian mobs. It’s like X-Men movies before they got colorful, or the Matrix movies without the dance party. There’s a strict Metropolis­h [sic] caste system, and everyone carries a personal communicator, a wrist device that beeps whenever someone needs a plot point and unfolds into a skinny touchscreen. Yes, here in our decadent age of Hollywood superheroes, someone finally made a high-tech slap bracelet. – EW

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If you want thoughtful writing and production value worthy of the Marvel name, well, you might want to look elsewhere. – E!

Was Buck chosen because Marvel needed someone who, like premiere director Roel Reine, was on board with getting this done fast and cheap to make the IMAX deadline? Or because Marvel execs had blinders on about how Iron Fist was going to be received? It can’t be because he had some kind of elaborate vision for how to tell this particular story, because time and again, the Inhumans premiere seems to go out of its way to avoid or outright eliminate anything even vaguely unique about these characters. – Uproxx

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Inverting the traditional drug dealing formula, Marvel decided to give viewers a first taste of Inhumans at inflated and entirely unjustifiable IMAX theatrical costs a couple weeks back before bringing the superhero dramedy to the more reasonably priced terrain of ABC starting Friday (September 29). Frank Sinatra and others sang about the best things in life being free, but at least now the same is true of the worst things. – THR

There’s a lot about this series that’s beyond comprehension, human or inhuman. – AV Club

At best, Inhumans resembles a mediocre ’90s syndicated genre series, and blowing it up to IMAX size just puts a bigger spotlight on the flaws. – Las Vegas Weekly


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