Kingsman 2 Director Explains How They Filmed The Glastonbury Sex Scene

Kingsman: The Golden Circle director Matthew Vaughn, has shed light on how the  Glastonbury sex scene was filmed in the movie, as this has been a controversial mystery to many. He said:

Well, that’s the beauty of filmmaking, isn’t it? We had to get a lens made, we had to get a camera position dollying very close to someone’s body, but you didn’t want to hurt them by mistake. Having to use Eggsy and then another hand, because it got quite intimate, as you’d say, and making that seamless. It was one of those things that could have been a disaster. In some people’s minds I know that they think it’s a disaster already because they didn’t like it, which is fine and I respect it, but other people do like it.

Taron Egerton revealed also how he was not comfortable while filming the sex scene, too In an interview with Screen Rant. He said that Delevingne’s husband “saved the world” as the hand we see in the movie scene was entirely the husband’s, not his.

Source: Vulture



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