Kiersey Clemons scenes as Iris West Was Removed from New Justice League Movie

Justice League


BATMAN NEWS has reported that the highly anticipated Justice League movie, which had a director change earlier this year, has cut scenes featuring Kiersey Clemons.The actress who had blushed about her appearance in the movie is the second star to suffer a cut from the DCEU movie. The same source also reported that Jesse Eisenberg, who played Lex Luthor in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice was cut from the movie to suit the new director’s taste. These reports emerged immediately after Warner Bros. screened the new movie to selected fans earlier before its hotly anticipated release.

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Joss Whedon took over the director’s wheel from Zack Snyder(who filmed the scenes featuring Clemons and Eisenberg) after the latter suffered a family tragedy. Ever since, the movie had undergone heavy reshoots. Fans will have to wait for the Flashpoint Movie to see Kiersey Clemons portrayal of Iris West, the future Mrs. Allen. Justice League will be out in theaters November 17.

By. Adeduyite Okiki

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