Here’re The New Potential ‘Ant-Man’ Helmet Designs For The Upcoming Movie

Andy Park has shared some new Ant-Man artwork, which reveals the new potential head gear for the upcoming Ant-Man and Wasp movie. According to Park, he said:

“These are 1st pass concept design takes on Ant-Man on the1st film. They were looking for a retro non-Stark look. This was Hank Pym’s design sensibilities,”


“As usual we start with the source material & look at his comic book look. And then we take the needs of our movie & make sense of the two. I always enjoy doing these faster concept designs rather than more rendered illustrations especially in 1st passes. But a lot of times we need to do the more rendered version to help sell it.”

“[Here’s a] closeup of of an Ant-Man concept design I did for his 1st film. The helmet was the approved helmet minus it showing Scott’s mouth. I know it’s more like the comic to have his mouth showing but the cinematic conceit of the suit is that it’s a containment suit,”


Source: Andy Park

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