Movies With the Most Iconic Soundtrack, Songs & Theme- Check it out & Comment Your Favorites

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Jurassic Park –

The theme song dates back to the 90’s Steven Spielberg’s iconic movie. The most known one is the “Theme from Jurassic Park“, which was introduced when the visitors first see the BrachiosaurusIt sounded, “gentle and religioso,” which Williams said it was, “to capture the awesome beauty and sublimity of the dinosaurs in nature.” This theme is one of John Williams’ greatest of all time.

The Lord of The Rings

Composed, orchestrated, and produced by Howard Shore, which involved many hours of music, and which effectively scored the entire film length. It is a great sound track you can never be tired of hearing.

The Graduate –

A great song by Simon & Garfunkel, Mrs. Robinson. 

Gladiator –

The song Now We Are Free is legendary based on the lyrics. It was composed by Lisa Gerrard  and Hans Zimmer the music. The melody and the creative language are awesome match for the movie story line of the betrayed gladiator.

Saturday Night Fever –

 This could be the most iconic soundtrack of its genre, performed by The Bee Gees and among the greatest disco hits.

Rush, Inception , The Lion King ,Batman Trilogy –

All wriiten by Hans Zimmer. They are one of his best works especially The Lion King. His music blends with the movie, making it inseparable from the movie.


My Heat Will go on by Celine Dion


Almost everyone who have seen the movie commended the sound track of “Jaws” with a lot of orchestral sound hits.

Chariots of Fire- 

This is also one of the best of time till today, it reigned for a very long time.

Three Idiots

The acoustic composition of the sad guy when he sang “Give me some Sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance i wanna grow up once again”

The Terminator- 

Very cool, gentle sound track. The trombone, strings, heavy metals and drums synchronized perfectly in the movie. The pitch of the sound track was slow and steady all through the movie.

Maa Sad

Other great animation songs include Frozen, Tango and Beauty and the Beast.

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