Movie Stars That May Look Good Together As Couples In Real Life

Nick Cannon & Christina Milian in Love Don’t Cost a Thing

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The later emergence of Nick cannon and Christina  Millian in the romantic comedy movie, Love Don’t Cost a Thing was magical after Millian played hard-to-get for a very long time with Cannon not minding whatever the cost of getting her would be. The two looked really good together in the movie, in terms of how deep and passionate they loved each other later in the movie. Seeing them together in love in reality would definitely be cool.

Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston in Bounty Hunter

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The story line of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in Bounty Hunter movie is one the most interesting i’ve ever seen in a romantic comedy movie. When your mission is to hunt down your ex and hand her over to the police or the bad guys. But along the line, they discovered how much they still love and cherish  each other, which made Butler changed his mind from hunting Aniston, as a result, both of them were then hunted and had to run for their lives in the movie. The kind of love love Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston displayed in the movie was crazy, strong, sexy and romantic. Despite how  Butler tried hunting Aniston, he kept protecting her at the same time. News once emerged that they both had a romance after the movie but which didn’t last, however, both of them look pretty good together.

Vin Diesel & Michelle Rodriguez in Fast and Furious

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Vin Diesel & Michelle Rodriguez romance in Fast and Furious is kinda filled with several hiatus. Sometimes they were apart and some times they are together. However, the moments both of them shared together in the movie displayed hidden and true affection. The look perfect for each other, even as Rodriguez wouldn’t admit her love easily, she knew she has to do everything to protect Vin when she could. Both really looked great together a couple.

Bow Wow & Naturi Naughton in Lottery Ticket

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Bow Wow and  Naturi Naughton in Lottery Ticket are another set of actors that looks great together as a couple. The most interesting part of their romance was how Naughton usually stares into Bow Wow’s eyes, her eyes were irresistible and seducing in the movie. She would give up everything just to be with Bow Wow. They demonstrated love and bonding in the movie.

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan in Step Up

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Channing Tatum was sentenced to 200 hours of community service mopping floors at a School of the Arts in the Step Up movie. He quickly catches the eye of Jenna Dewan, a gifted ballet student, who is trying to use hip-hop moves with her classical routines. Following some initial hesitation, Jenna Dewan convinces Channing Tatum to help her with her dance routines and the romance began to sparkle between them. They displayed how connected two people can be when they love each other. They understood each others pain and sensitive to each others need. They look great together and getting married to each other will be cute in reality.

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