Movie Review: ‘Eri Ife’ 2017-Evidence of Love

ife 1

Eri Ife (Evidence of Love), is Yoruba Nollywood movie of three friends, whom two were married and one was single (Mrs. Page, Mrs. Bentley and Miss Imelda). Mrs. Bentley is the so-called lucky woman with the so-called most perfect marriage, Mrs. Page is the so-called unfortunate one who got married to a bully and foody, but always lying to her friends she’s got a wonderful perfect husband anytime Mrs. Bentley talks about her civilized husband, and lastly Miss Imelda is the single, imperfect lady looking for the perfect guy due to what she think her friends ‘ husbands look like.


About Mr. & Mrs. Bentley: is their marriage realistic at all? Will any man do that for real? Always cooking for your wife when she’s not pregnant or lame? Always sorting and ironing her clothes for her when she’s not an handicap? Well, at the concluding scene of the first part of the movie it was made known when an argument on the lies being told by Mrs. Page emerged that, Mr. Bentley sleeps with his house cleaner, probably his strategy was to always please his wife as he enjoys the maid.


The question is, is he guilty, when his wife only does what she pleases at her own pace, even for sex? Will you as a woman forgive him?

About Mr. & Mrs. Page: their marriage portrays how many typical African men are especially until the late 80’s. They believe once they provide for the family then the woman should do the entire house chore, without delaying his meal any day.

ife 2

Lastly, Miss Imelda: do you think Miss Imelda deserves a good man after making Jimmy go through hell? In addition, do you think Jimmy deserves a good woman after bullying her ex-fiancé and causing her heart aches just in few weeks to their wedding?


Some viewers have said the story is similar to the story of Benjamin’s Mr.  & Mrs. Movie in terms of the story of couple Bentley and Couple Page. How valid is this? Comment your views bellow.

Watch Eri Ife full movie below:

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