Movie Review & Critique: “Beyond Trust” 2017-Love & Betrayals


Beyond Trust is a Nollywood movie with a storyline of betrayals and love. Beyond Trust follows the story of a young woman, Ibiwunmi who suffered a terrible heartbreak from her first husband who left her to travel with his secret wife and son abroad with a huge sum of money Ibiwunmi loaned him from her place of work. This led to a great set back for Ibiwunmi, loosing everything she had including her job and eventually ended up staying in her friends place Stella, who appeared to be the good samaritan but later turned out to be the soul driver of Ibiwunmi’s  tragedy afterwards, claiming Ibiwunmi snatched her dream love Prince Goriola.


Review & Critique

Beyond Trust has successfully passed its message by teaching us never to fully trust friends and that, every actions you take be it good or bad will definitely bear fruit that you must harvest. The movie also incorporated outstanding, befitting and exciting sound tracks in the right scenes. Stella was made to appear she got the reward of her evil doings to Ibiwunmi, however no definite scene pin pointed her, reaping her evil fruits: she only said to the mysterious man that her life was turned upside down and nothing more.

trust3 In addition, the opening scene showing Ibiwunmi first husband, which was the only scene he appeared has left viewers wondering- is this movie going to have a sequel? We should know what happened to Ibiwunmi’s husband, who tore her life apart heavily in the first place, the footage is too important in the movie than to appear just once.

trust 6

We should know what happened to him afterwards and how he reaped his evil fruit too. After all the ‘beyond trust’ in the movie is tied to the trust Ibiwunmi had for her first husband and her dearly bosom friend.

trust 5

One of the prevalent phrase in the movie is “shot myself in the foot”, which was stella’s favourite, this has however, dug out another question: which title fits the movie most “Beyond trust” or “Foot Shot”?


Movie score: 3/5


Watch Beyond Trust full movie bellow.

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