Hidden message & interpretation of ‘the Beauty and the Beast’…read now

Beauty-and-the-Beast-Emma-Watson-Josh-Gad-Man-RepellerNo doubt the movie Beauty and the Beast has gotten so much attention since inception despite the fact that it’s a story everybody is familiar with. However, the literal interpretation of the movie according to the film writer/producer is that “inside every beast, there is always a gentle kindness”. The fist question is that, is this always true or is it just a fairy tale?

On the other way round, people who have watched the movie in the cinema have interpreted it differently, which i also think is true. They said, the beast is not a mere physical appearance because, obviously he is a charming prince, that, inside every charming prince, there is always a beast. This beast we are talking about will protect his woman and everything that has to do with his woman to the end. He will fight for his woman no matter what.  This beast is gentle, loving, caring, tender, humble, wealthy and does not pretend. Every good woman deserves this beast in their respective wonderful charming prince.Image result for beauty and the beast

Another anonymous interpretation of the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is that, Belle naturally and gradually fell in love with the ugly beast, irrespective of his look and how tattered he was. Belle discovered and brought out the beautiful side of the beast. The question is; as a woman, will you agree to marry that tattered man who truly loves you, that man who doesn’t have anything? will you agree to stay with him, work with him and help him achieve it all, as Belle helped the Beast in getting his royalty and kingdom back? will you pray with that man to help me lift his curse?

Image result for beauty and the beast

Image result for beauty and the beast

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